Samsung 1000P User Manual (en)

Visit, search for “800P” or 
“1000P”, and download the PhotoActiva program.
Install the program on a PC by following the on-screen 
When the installation is complete, connect the frame to a 
PC using the USB cable and use the PhotoActiva program. 
For more details about the PhotoActiva program, refer to the Help 
provided with the program.
When you view or browse files created or edited with the PhotoActiva 
program, some effects applied to the file may not display depending on 
your frame.
Use the PhotoActiva program  
Use this program to view photos and videos, edit them with various effects, or create media files.  You can also manage your 
schedule. Download the PhotoActiva program from the Samsung Electronics webpage (
Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Samsung 
The installShield Wizard will install Samsung PhotoActiva 
on your computer. To continue, click Next.
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