Samsung 1000P User Manual (en)

Connect the external memory device (SD memory card or 
Copy the latest firmware you have downloaded to the 
external memory device.
Copy the firmware to the root folder on the memory device.
Disconnect the external memory device from the PC, and 
then connect it to the frame.
From the Main menu screen, scroll to 
 and touch 
Scroll to 
 and touch e.
Scroll to 
Upgrade Software
 and touch e.
Select the external memory device.
The firmware will be updated.
When the update is complete, turn the frame off , remove 
the external memory device (SD memory card or USB 
memory device), and turn the frame on.
Back up your files (photos, videos, or music) 
before updating the firmware to prevent losing 
While the update is in progress, 
Do not disconnect the external device (SD memory 
card or USB memory device) from the frame.
Do not touch any buttons.
Do not insert any other memory cards.
Do not turn the frame off .
You can verify that the firmware is updated to the 
latest version by accessing Product Information 
in Settings 
→ Upgrade Software.
Update Firmware  
Download and install the latest firmware from the Samsung Electronics web page (
Upgrade Software
Getting upgrade files now.
Do not remove the storage device.