Samsung 1000P User Manual (en)

Try the following if you have trouble using the frame.
The frame will not turn on.
Verify that the power cable is connected properly.
When connecting the frame to a PC with 
the USB connector, the screen blinks and 
the frame turns off automatically.
There may be a problem with the USB port of the PC.
There is light leaking along the border of 
the clock screen. 
If the screen is black, there may be light showing through due to the characteristics of the LCD 
panel. This is normal.
The time setting is not correct.
When the power adapter is disconnected for a long period of time, the current time settings may 
be lost. Connect the power adapter at all times.
It takes time for a photo to display when 
the frame turns on or during a slideshow. 
If the resolution of a photo is high or the file size is large, it may take longer to display.
Even though there is free space left on the 
internal memory, photos will not copy there.
If the FAT section of the internal memory is damaged, photos may not copy there.
Make a folder inside the internal memory to copy photos.
External devices (USB memory device or 
SD memory card) do not function properly.
Verify that the devices are connected properly.
Verify that the photos stored in the external memory devices are in JPEG format. Corrupted or 
damaged files will not display.
The device may not be supported by the frame. Try another device.
JPEG photos do not play.
JPEG photos saved in CMYK modes will not display.
JPEG photos edited by image editors (e.g., Photoshop or Paintshop) may not display properly. 
Save photos in JPEG format after editing on a PC and play the slideshow again.
Some photos will not display in a 
Your frame can read up to 10,000 photos. Photos exceeding this limit will not display in a 
The proportion of a photo is not correct.
From the Main menu screen, select Settings 
→ Photos → Aspect Ratio → Original Fit.
The preview plays slowly.
When there are many photos or large file sizes, the preview may be slow.