Samsung 1000P User Manual (en)

Even when there is only one photo on the 
memory card or Slideshow Mode is set to 
One photo, the slideshow effect is applied 
to the photo.
The effect is applied to protect the panel.
In what order are the photos displayed on a 
memory card?
The photos are arranged by file names, in the order of number – upper case letter – lower case 
The slideshow will not start automatically.
Verify that Startup Mode is set to Slideshow in Settings 
→ General (p. 39).
I activated the Auto Picture On/Off 
feature, but the screen does not turn on 
Verify that the current time is set correctly.
If you have touched 
 to turn the frame off when the Auto Picture On/Off feature is 
activated, the screen does not turn on automatically. The screen turns on automatically only 
when the screen was turned off automatically via the Off Time setting.
I want to reset the frame.
Select Reset in Settings 
→ Support to their factory default, but the time and language settings 
will not be reset.
Troubleshooting  (continued)