AGFA DC-830 User Manual (en)

- 20 - 
Recording Still Images 
1.  Hold the camera with both hands and make sure the camera is stable. 
2.  Set the camera to the Record mode   
3.  Aim the focus area to the subject that you want to take and press the shutter release 
button halfway. 
 The focus area on the LCD monitor will light green when the camera is in focus. 
 If the shutter speed is slow or the possibility that image may be blurred, the shake 
warning icon 
  may appear on the LCD monitor. To avoid it, use a tripod to stabilize 
the camera when recording images. 
4.  Fully press the shutter release button to take an image. 
 Make sure that your fingers or the wrist strap does not block the lens. 
 When the shutter release button is pressed halfway down, check the exposure value 
that appears on the LCD monitor to make sure that it is appropriate for the lighting