AGFA DC-830 User Manual (en)

- 22 - 
 Using the Flash 
Press the flash button cycles your camera through the various flash modes. A symbol 
appears on the LCD screen to indicate the flash mode. The flash cannot be used when movie 
1.  Set the camera to the Record mode   
  The flash function only used in still 
image shooting. 
2. Press the    button to change the flash 
Auto flash 
Flash fires automatically when shooting conditions 
require extra lighting. 
Red eye reduction 
Flash strobes to let the subject’s eyes adjust to the 
flash, then fires again to take the actual image. The 
digital camera will detect the subject brightness and 
use the flash only when required. 
Always on 
Flash fires every time you take a photo, regardless of 
lighting conditions. 
Slow sync 
Flash fires with a slow shutter speed. 
Always off 
The flash never fires even in dark situation. 
3. Shoot the image. 
 The flash charging time may increase when the battery is low.