AGFA DC-830 User Manual (en)

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Setting the Exposure 
Set the exposure value manually to compensate for unusual lighting conditions such as 
indirect indoor lighting, dark backgrounds, and strong backlighting. 
Setting the Metering 
There are 3 different light metering options available on your camera. 
Light is measured from the entire shooting screen, but 
gives more importance to the values near the center. 
Selects an exposure based on readings from multiple 
points in the subject area 
Selects an exposure based on a single reading taken 
from the center of your picture. 
Setting the Sharpness 
You can select whether you want the image to have sharp or soft outlines. 
The edges of the image are emphasized. The edges will 
become sharp, but noise may occur in the recording 
The edges of the image are sharp. This is suitable for 
The edges of the image are softened. This is suitable for 
editing images on PC. 
 Higher ISO speeds increase the image noise. To take clean images, use as low an ISO 
speed as possible.