AGFA DC-830 User Manual (en)

- 36 - 
  Adding Stickers to a Still Image 
1.  Set the camera to the Playback mode 
 or    to select the image you want to add stickers. 
2. Press the MENU button, then press 
 or   to select STICKER (
3. Press the SET button to enter the sticker screen. 
4. Press   or   to select a desired sticker, and then press the SET button.  The selected 
sticker shows on the center of the image. 
 Use the arrow button to move sticker or press the zoom lever to rotate the sticker. 
5. Press the SET button and repeat the step 5 to continue select stickers. 
6. Press the MENU button to display a confirmation message. 
7. Press the SET button to confirm the change or press the MENU button to cancel without 
saving the file. 
 The image added stickers would be saved as a new file name. 
 Only a large size image can be resize to a smaller one.