AGFA DC-830 User Manual (en)

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Setting the Language 
The camera can display menus and other information in a number of different languages. 
1.  Set the camera to the Setup Menu   
2. Press   or   to select LANGUAGE (
) then 
 or the SET button to launch the submenu. 
3. Press   or    to select a language and press 
the SET button to apply the setting. 
4. Press the MENU button to close the menu. 
Resetting the File Numbers 
Use this function if the camera experiences a “Folder cannot be created” error or if you want 
to restart numbering, for example, after erasing all files.     
Resetting the file number is useful for avoiding the file name duplication when images are 
downloaded to a computer. 
Store the latest used file number no matter deleting files 
or inserting a new memory card. 
Reset file numbering each time the memory card is 
About the Folder & File Name 
The digital camera automatically creates a directory of folders in the internal memory or 
memory card that it uses to organize still images, movie clips and other information. 
Folder Structure 
Folder name begins with a 3-digit number from 100 to 999 
and followed by “DICAM”, each folder holds up to 9999 files. 
If new files are made, a new folder named in sequence will 
be made automatically.