AGFA DC-830 User Manual (en)

- 4 - 
Safety Information 
 Before using the camera, please ensure that you read and understand the safety   
precautions described below. Always ensure that the camera is operated correctly. 
 Do not aim the camera directly into the sun or other intense light sources which could   
damage your eyesight. 
 Do not try to open the case of the camera or attempt to modify this camera in any way.   
High-voltage internal components create the risk of electric shock when exposed.   
Maintenance and repairs should be carried out only by authorized service providers.   
 Do not fire the flash too close to the eyes of animals or people, especially for young children. 
Eye damage may result. In particular, remain at least one meter away from infants when   
using flash. 
 Keep the camera away from water and other liquids. Do not use the camera with wet hands. 
Never use the camera in the rain or snow. Moisture creates the danger of fire and electric   
 Keep the camera and its accessories out of the reach of children and animals to prevent   
accidents or damage to the camera.   
 If you notice smoke or a strange odor coming from the camera, turn the power off   
immediately. Take the camera to the nearest authorized service center for repair. Never   
attempt to repair the camera on your own. 
 Use only the recommended power accessories. Use of power sources not expressly   
recommended for this equipment may lead to overheating, distortion of the equipment, fire, 
electrical shock or other hazards.