Canon 2477A002 Leaflet (en)

The TC-80N3 Timer/Remote Controller is a programmable 
electronic shutter release. When you connect it to your EOS SLR 
or DSLR it will allow you to control:
1.  when
 the shutter opens (self-timer mode)
2.  how frequently
 the shutter opens (interval
timer mode)
3.  how long
 the shutter stays open (long-exposure timer 
4.  how many exposures 
the camera will make in total 
(exposure count mode)
You can also combine modes: For example, you can program 
the controller to wait five minutes, release the shutter, then take 
a total of 25 exposures at five minute intervals. Refer to the 
Combinations Chart for more details.
The TC-80N3 also includes a remote switch that provides the 
same functions as your camera’s shutter button (auto-focus, auto-
exposure, and shutter release). When used simply as a remote 
release (no timer functions), the TC-80N3 does not require battery 
Compatible Cameras
•  EOS 1v, 1v-HS, and EOS 3 film cameras
•  All versions of EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds
•  EOS D30 and D60
•  EOS 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 7D
•  EOS 5D and 5D Mark II
Controls and Functions
continuous loop. When the 
time unit you wish to set is 
blinking, turn the Jog Dial to 
the amount you want.
3.    After setting a time unit, 
press the Jog Dial once to 
register it. Time amounts 
can be set in single digit 
increments, up to:
             Seconds: 59     Minutes: 59     Hours: 99
4.   Repeat Step 3 for any additional time units you wish to set. 
Once a time unit has been registered it will no longer blink.
Self-timer Mode
1.    Use the Jog Dial to set 
the desired delay time.
2.    Press the Start/Stop 
button to start the self-timer. 
The Self-timer icon will start 
blinking and the time display will count down. The shutter will 
release when the timer reaches zero (0). To pause the self-timer 
before the shutter releases, press the Start/Stop button. Press it 
again to resume.
•  Do not use the TC-80N3 in combination with your 
camera’s self-timer. Doing so may interfere with the TC-
80N3's timer function.
•  You can combine the self-timer with the Long Exposure 
Mode for Bulb exposures. Setting your camera to Bulb will 
result in a Bulb exposure only if you have set the the TC-
80N3 to Long Exposure Mode.
•  If you combine the Long Exposure Mode and Interval 
Timer Mode, both will begin only after the Self-timer delay 
has elapsed.
Interval Timer Mode
1.   Use the Jog Dial to set the 
desired time interval.
2.   Press the Start/Stop 
button. The camera will 
immediately take the first 
exposure. Note: If you want to program a sequence of exposures 
at a given interval you must set the exposure count to an amount 
greater than one. Subsequent exposures will be at the interval 
you have set.
QuickGuide to
Canon TC-80N3
Timer/Remote Controller
Display Panel
Jog Dial
Release Button
Connecting/Disconnecting the TC-80N3
1.  Remove your camera’s remote control socket cover and 
place it in the holder provided on the back of the TC-80N3.
2.  Insert the TC-80N3’s plug into your camera’s remote control 
socket by pressing the round black base of the plug. (Note: 
Touching the silver collar will prevent the plug from locking.) 
To remove the plug, grasp the silver collar and pull outward.
Setting a Time Amount
1.  Press the Mode Button to select one of the three timing   
modes (self-timer, interval, or long exposure).
2.  Press the Jog Dial to select the time unit you wish to set. 
Each time you press the dial, the time units will blink in 
the following order: Seconds  Minutes  Hours, in a