Kodak S730 User Manual (en)

Important safety instructions
Do not disassemble this product; there are no user-serviceable parts inside. Refer 
servicing to qualified service personnel. Do not expose this product to liquid, 
moisture, or extreme temperatures. The use of controls, adjustments, or procedures 
other than those specified herein may result in exposure to shock and/or electrical 
or mechanical hazards. If the LCD breaks, do not touch the glass or liquid. Contact 
Kodak customer support.
The use of an accessory that is not recommended by Kodak may cause fire, electric shock, or injury. For 
approved accessories, visit 
Use only the AC adapter that was packaged with your frame. (Leader Electronics Inc. AC Adapter Model 
#MU18-D120150-A1; in Europe, Phihong AC Adapter Model #PSA18R-120P) Use of other AC adapters 
may damage the frame and void your warranties.
When displayed with the stand extended, the frame rests at a 68 - 76
°  angle.
Do not place frame near open flame sources such as lighted candles or heaters.
Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones may cause hearing loss.
When removing the battery from the frame, allow it to cool; it may be hot.
Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
Do not allow batteries to touch metal objects, including coins. Otherwise, a battery may short circuit, 
discharge energy, become hot, or leak.
Do not disassemble, install backward, or expose batteries to liquid, moisture, fire, or extreme 
Remove the battery when the product is stored for an extended period of time. In the unlikely event that 
battery fluid leaks inside the product, contact Kodak customer support.
In the unlikely event that battery fluid leaks onto your skin, wash immediately with water and contact 
your local health provider. For additional health-related information, contact your local Kodak customer 
Dispose of batteries according to local and national regulations. Visit