Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

About the Built-in 
Memory/the Card 
The built-in memory can be used as a 
temporary storage device when the card 
being used becomes full.
∫ Built-in Memory [
You can record or play back pictures 
with the built-in memory.
(The built-in memory cannot be used 
when a card is inserted.)
• The built-in memory capacity is about 
27 MB.
• Picture size is fixed to QVGA 
k240 pixels) when recording 
motion pictures to the built-in memory. 
∫ Card [
When a card is inserted, you can record 
or play back pictures on a card.
∫ Card (optional)
• The SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory 
Card and MultiMediaCard are small, 
lightweight, removable external cards. 
Read P5 for information about cards that 
can be used in this unit.
• The SDHC Memory Card is a memory 
card standard decided by the SD 
Association in 2006 for high capacity 
memory cards more than 2 GB.
• The reading/writing speed of an SD 
Memory Card and an SDHC Memory 
Card is fast. Both types of card are 
equipped with a Write-Protect switch 
that prevents writing and formatting the 
card. (If the switch is slid to the [LOCK] 
side, it is not possible to write or delete 
data on the card and format it. When the 
switch is slid to the other side, these 
functions become available.)
• You can use an SDHC Memory Card in 
equipment that is compatible with SDHC 
Memory Cards however you cannot use 
an SDHC Memory Card in equipment that 
is only compatible with SD Memory Cards. 
(Always read the operating instructions for 
the equipment being used. If you also 
order a photo studio to print pictures, ask 
the photo studio before printing.)
Please confirm the latest information on the 
following website.
(This Site is English only.)
• Refer to P99 for information about the 
number of recordable pictures and the 
available recording time for each Card.
• This unit (SDHC compatible equipment) is 
compatible with SD Memory Cards based 
on SD Memory Card Specifications and 
formatted in FAT12 system and FAT16 
system. It is also compatible with SDHC 
Memory Cards based on SD Memory 
Card Specifications and formatted in 
FAT32 system.
• We recommend using High Speed SD 
Memory Cards/SDHC Memory Cards 
when recording motion pictures. (P52)
• The data on the built-in memory or the 
card may be damaged or lost due to 
electromagnetic waves, static electricity or 
breakdown of the camera or the card. We 
recommend storing important data on a 
PC etc.
• The reading/writing speed of a 
MultiMediaCard is slower than an SD 
Memory Card or SDHC Memory Card. 
When a MultiMediaCard is used, the 
performance of certain features may be 
slightly slower than advertised.
• Do not format the card on your PC or 
other equipment. Format it on the camera 
only to ensure proper operation. (P80)
• Keep the Memory Card out of reach of 
children to prevent swallowing.
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