Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

Advanced (Recording pictures)
• You can record smoother motion 
pictures with “30 fps”.
• You can record longer motion pictures 
with “10 fps” although the picture quality 
is lower.
• The file size with [10fpsQVGA] is small 
so it is suitable for e-mails.
• You can only record motion pictures 
to the built-in memory when the 
] and the 
picture size is [30fpsQVGA] or 
[10fpsQVGA] (320
k240 pixels).
6 Press [MENU/SET] to close the 
• You can also press the shutter 
button halfway to close the menu.
• The focus range becomes the same as 
macro mode. [5 cm (0.16 feet) (Wide)/
30 cm (0.98 feet) (Tele) to 
• Refer to P101 for information about the 
available recording time.
• The available recording time displayed on 
the screen may not decrease regularly.
• This unit does not support recording 
motion pictures on MultiMediaCards.
• When you set the picture quality to 
[30fpsVGA] or [30fps16:9], we 
recommend using a High Speed SD 
Memory Card with “10MB/s” or greater 
displayed on the package.
• Depending on the type of the card, 
recording may stop in the middle.
• We recommend using Panasonic’s SD 
Memory Card/SDHC Memory Card.
• Depending on the type of the card, the 
card access indication may appear for a 
while after recording motion pictures. This 
is not a malfunction.
• Motion pictures can be recorded 
continuously up to 2 GB.
The maximum available recording time for 
up to 2 GB only is displayed on the 
• When motion pictures recorded with the 
camera are played back on other 
equipment, the quality of the picture and 
sound may deteriorate and it may not be 
possible to play them back. Also the 
recording information may not be 
displayed correctly.
• You cannot use the following functions in 
motion picture mode [
– Direction detection function
– Review
• The bundled software includes QuickTime 
to play back motion picture files recorded 
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