Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

Advanced (Recording pictures)
2/1: Select the desired item.
3/4: Set the year, month and date.
• The travel date is canceled if the current 
date is after the return date.
• If you do not want to set the return date, 
press [MENU/SET
while the date bar is 
7 Press [MENU/SET] to close the 
8 Take a picture.
A: The number of days that have passed 
since the departure date 
• The number of days that have passed 
since the departure date is displayed for 
about 5 seconds if this unit is turned on 
etc. after setting the travel date or when 
the travel date is set.
• When the travel date is set, [
appears on the lower right of the 
screen. (It is not displayed if the current 
date is after the return date.)
∫ Canceling the travel date
The travel date is automatically canceled if 
the current date is after the return date. If 
you want to cancel the travel date before 
the end of the vacation, select [OFF] on the 
screen shown in step 
 and then press 
[MENU/SET] twice.
• The travel date is calculated using the 
date in the clock setting (P15) and the 
departure date you set. If you set 
[WORLD TIME] (P56) to the travel 
destination, the travel date is calculated 
using the date in the clock setting and the 
travel destination setting.
• The travel date setting is memorized even 
if the camera is turned off.
• If you set a departure date and then take a 
picture on a date before this departure 
date, [-] (minus) is displayed in orange 
and the day of the vacation that you took 
the picture is not recorded.
• If you set a departure date and then 
change the clock setting to the date and 
time at the travel destination, [-] (minus) is 
displayed in white and the day of the 
vacation that you took the picture is 
recorded when the travel destination date 
is, for example, one day before the 
departure date.
• If [TRAVEL DATE] is set to [OFF], the 
number of days that have passed since 
the departure date will not be recorded 
even if you set the travel date or the return 
date. Even if [TRAVEL DATE] is set to 
[SET] after taking the pictures, which day 
of the vacation you took them is not 
• Set the clock if the message [PLEASE 
SET THE CLOCK] appears. (P15)
• The [TRAVEL DATE] setting also affects 
simple mode [
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