Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

Connecting to other equipment
Connecting to other equipment
Connecting to a PC
You can acquire recorded pictures to a PC 
by connecting the camera and the PC.
The software [LUMIX Simple Viewer] or 
(for Windows
) in the CD-ROM (supplied) 
allows you to easily acquire pictures 
recorded with the camera to a PC, print 
them and send them by e-mail.
If you use “Windows
98/98SE”, install 
the USB driver and then connect it to 
the computer.
For information about the software in the 
CD-ROM (supplied) and installing this 
software, refer to the separate operating 
instructions for PC connection.
A: USB connection cable (supplied)
B: AC adaptor (DMW-AC5PP; optional)
• Use a battery with sufficient battery power 
or the AC adaptor (DMW-AC5PP; 
• Turn the camera off before inserting or 
removing the cable for the AC adaptor 
(DMW-AC5PP; optional).
• Set the camera to a mode other than 
]  mode.
1 Turn on the camera and the PC.
2 Connect the camera to a PC via 
the USB connection cable 
• Connect the USB connection cable with 
the [
] mark facing the [
2] mark on 
the [DIGITAL] socket.
• Hold the USB connection cable at 
and insert straight in or take straight 
out. (If you forcibly insert the USB 
connection cable at a slant or upside 
down you can deform the connection 
terminals and damage the camera or 
the connected equipment.)
D: This message appears during data 
The drive appears in the [My Computer] 
• If you are connecting the camera to a PC 
for the first time, the required driver is 
installed automatically so that the camera 
can be recognized by “Windows Plug and 
Play”. The drive then appears on the 
[My Computer] folder.
The drive is displayed on the screen.
• The drive is displayed as [LUMIX] when 
you connect the camera with no card 
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