Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

Connecting to other equipment
• It may not be possible to playback the 
motion pictures on the built-in memory or 
a card normally when this unit and the PC 
are connected. Import the motion picture 
files to the PC and then play them back.
• If battery power is exhausted while the 
camera and the PC are communicating, 
the recorded data may be damaged. 
When you connect the camera to the PC, 
use a battery with sufficient battery power 
(P21) or the AC adaptor (DMW-AC5PP; 
• If the remaining battery power becomes 
low while the camera and the PC are 
communicating, the status indicator blinks 
and the alarm beeps. In this case, stop 
the communication at once on the PC.
• When connecting the camera to a 
“Windows 2000” OS PC with the USB 
connection cable, do not replace the 
card while the camera and the PC are 
connected. The information on the card 
may be damaged. Use “Safely Remove 
Hardware” in the task tray on your PC 
when replacing  the card. 
• Pictures edited or rotated with a PC may 
be displayed in black in playback mode 
(P30), multi playback (P65) and calendar 
playback (P66).
• Read the operating instructions for the 
• If a card is not inserted when the camera 
is connected to the PC, you can edit or 
access the pictures on the built-in 
memory. If a card is inserted, you can edit 
or access the pictures on it.
• You cannot switch between the built-in 
memory and the card while the camera is 
connected to the PC. When you want to 
switch between the built-in memory and 
the card, disconnect the USB connection 
cable, insert (or remove) the card and 
then connect the USB connection cable to 
the PC again.
• The message [PLEASE RE-CONNECT 
THE PRINTER.] appears if you change 
the mode dial to [
] while the camera 
and the PC are connected. If a printer is 
connected, change the mode to a mode 
other than [
] mode and then check that 
no data is being transferred. ([ACCESS] 
appears on the LCD monitor of the 
camera while data is being transferred.)
Printing the Pictures
By connecting the camera directly to a 
printer supporting PictBridge via the USB 
connection cable (supplied), you can select 
the pictures to print and start printing on the 
camera’s screen.
Set print settings such as the print quality 
on the printer beforehand. (Read the printer 
operating instructions.)
A: USB connection cable (supplied)
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