Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

Connecting to other equipment
appears if you change the mode dial to a 
mode other than [
] while the camera 
and the printer are connected. Set the 
mode dial to [
] again and then 
disconnect the USB connection cable. If 
this happens during printing, stop printing 
and then disconnect the USB connection 
Playing Back Pictures 
on a TV Screen
∫ Playing back pictures using the AV 
cable (supplied)
• Set the [TV ASPECT]. (P20)
• Turn this unit and the TV off.
1 Connect the AV cable A 
(supplied) to the [AV OUT] socket 
on the camera.
• Connect the AV cable with the [
mark facing the [
2] mark on the 
[AV OUT] socket.
• Hold the AV cable at 
B and insert 
straight in or take straight out.
2 Connect the AV cable to the video 
input and the audio input sockets 
on the TV.
1 Yellow: to the video input socket
2 White: to the audio input socket
3 Turn the TV on and select external 
4 Turn the camera on.
• Depending on the aspect setting, black 
bands may be displayed on the top and 
bottom or the left and right of the pictures.
• Do not use any other AV cables except the 
supplied one.
• Audio playback is monaural.
• Read the operating instructions for the TV.
• When you play back a picture vertically, it 
may be blurry.
• You can view pictures on TVs in other 
countries (regions) which use the NTSC 
or PAL system when you set 
[VIDEO OUT] in the [SETUP] menu. Even 
if you set [VIDEO OUT] to [PAL], the 
output signal will still be NTSC in the 
recording mode.
∫ Playing back pictures on a TV with an 
SD Memory Card slot
Still pictures recorded on an SD Memory 
Card can be played back on a TV with an 
SD Memory Card slot.
• Depending on the TV model, pictures may 
not be displayed on the full screen.
• Motion pictures cannot be played back. To 
play back motion pictures, connect the 
camera to the TV with the AV cable 
• You may not be able to play back 
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