Panasonic DMC-FX12 User Manual (en)

3: The LCD monitor flickers indoors.
• The LCD monitor may flicker for a few 
seconds after turning the camera on 
indoors under fluorescent light.
This is not a malfunction.
4: The LCD monitor is too bright or dark.
• Adjust the brightness of the screen. (P19)
• Is the power LCD function or high angle 
mode activated?
5: Black, red, blue and green dots 
appear on the LCD monitor.
• These pixels do not affect the recorded 
This is not a malfunction.
6: Noise appears on the LCD monitor.
• In dark places, noise may appear to 
maintain the brightness of the LCD 
This does not affect the pictures you are 
∫ Flash
1: The flash is not activated.
• Is the flash setting set to Forced OFF 
– Change the flash setting. (P35)
• The flash is not activated when motion 
picture mode [
], [SCENERY] (P46), 
(P49), [HIGH SENS.] (P49), 
(P50) or [AERIAL PHOTO] (P51) in 
scene mode is selected.
2: The flash is activated 2 times.
• When you select red-eye reduction 
(P36), the flash is activated once before 
the actual recording to reduce the 
red-eye phenomenon (eyes of the 
subject appearing red in the picture) 
and then activated again for the actual 
∫ Playback
1: The picture being played back is 
rotated and displayed in an 
unexpected direction.
The camera has a function that 
automatically rotates the display of 
pictures recorded holding the camera 
vertically. (If you take pictures when 
aiming the camera up or down, the 
camera may recognize that it is being 
held vertically.)
• You can display the pictures without 
being rotated when [ROTATE DISP.] 
(P71) is set to [OFF].
• You can rotate pictures with the 
[ROTATE] function. (P71)
2: The picture is not played back.
• Is the mode dial set to playback [
• Is there a picture on the built-in memory 
or the card?
The pictures on the built-in memory 
appears when a card is not inserted. 
The picture data on the card appears 
when a card is inserted. (P14)
3: The folder number and the file number 
are displayed as [—] and the screen 
turns black.
• Is the picture edited with a PC or 
recorded with a digital camera from 
another manufacturer?
This may also happen if the battery is 
removed immediately after recording or 
if recording with a exhausted battery.
– Format the data to delete the pictures 
mentioned above. (P80) (Formatting 
irretrievably deletes all data including 
the other pictures. Check the data 
carefully before formatting.)
4: The picture is displayed with a date 
different from the actual recording 
date in calendar playback.
• Was the picture edited with a PC or 
recorded with a digital camera from 
another manufacturer?
This kind of picture may be displayed 
with a date different from the actual 
recording date in calendar playback. 
• Did you record the pictures after setting 
the clock correctly on this unit? (P15)
For example, if the clock setting on the 
camera is different from the date and 
time set on the PC and you acquire 
pictures recorded with the camera to  96 ページ  2006年12月4日 月曜日 午後11時0分