Panasonic WV-CW504F User Manual (en)

Precautions for Installation
Installation work shall be performed in 
accordance with the technology standard 
of the electric installation.
The product is designed to be installed 
under eaves. 
Keep the product out of direct sunlight. 
Installing place
Contact  your  dealer  for  assistance  if  you  are 
unsure of an appropriate place in your particu-
lar environment. 
 •  Make  sure  that  the  installation  area  is
strong  enough  to  hold  the  product,  such 
as a concrete ceiling. 
 •  Install the camera in the foundation area of
the architecture or where sufficient strength 
is assured. 
 •  If a ceiling board such as plaster board is
too  weak  to  support  the  total  weight,  the 
area shall be sufficiently reinforced. 
Avoid installing this product in the follow-
ing locations.
 •  Locations where a chemical agent is used
such as a swimming pool.
 •  Locations subject to steam and oil smoke
such as a kitchen, Locations near flamma-
ble gas or vapor.
 •  Locations  where  radiation  or  x-ray  emis-
sions are produced.
 •  Locations  where  corrosive  gas  is  pro-
duced,  Locations  where  it  may  be  dam-
aged by briny air such as seashores.
 •  Locations  where  the  temperature  is  not
within –10 °C to +50 °C {14 °F to +122 °F}.  
(When  using  the  optional  heater  unit,  the 
product can be used at temperatures with-
in  –30  °C  to  +50  °C  {–22  °F  to  +122  °F} 
and humidity below 90 %.)
 •  Locations subject to vibrations (This prod-
uct is not designed for on-vehicle use.) 
Avoid moist or dusty places to install this 
Otherwise, lifetime of the internal parts may be 
Avoid installing the camera in a place with 
a high level of noise. 
Installation near an air conditioner, an air clean-
er, a vending machine, or the like causes noise. 
Be sure to remove this product if it is not 
in use. 
Keep the camera cable away from the 
lighting cable. 
Failure to observe this may cause noise. 
Radio interference
When the camera is used near TV/radio anten-
na, strong electric field or magnetic field (near a 
motor  or  a  transformer),  images  may  be  dis-
torted and noise sound may be produced. 
In such a case, run the camera cable through 
specialized steel conduit tubes. 
Locally procure the screws 
Screws are not supplied with this product. Pre-
pare  the  screws  according  to  the  material, 
structure,  strength  and  other  factors  of  the 
mounting  area  and  the  total  weight  of  objects 
to be mounted.
The following points as well as the contents of "Warning" and " Caution" shall be observed.