Panasonic WV-CW504F User Manual (en)

 q  Power cord
  Video output cable
 e  Enclosure
 r  Panning table
    Rotate  this  table  to  adjust  the  panning 
angle of the camera.
 t  Tilt adjusting table
    Adjust the azimuth angle of the image. 
 y  Tilting lock screw 
    Locks the tilt position. 
 u  Panning lock screw
    Fixes the panning table.
 i  Focus lock knob
    Locks the focal point. 
  Zoom lock knob
    Locks the zoom point. 
 !0  Camera fixing screw
    Fix the attachment on the camera body. 
 !1  Monitor output connector
    Connect the monitor for adjustment to this 
output connector. 
 !2  Right button [(RIGHT), FAR]
    Moves  the  cursor  to  the  right,  selects  the 
mode and adjusts some levels. 
 !3  Left button [(LEFT), NEAR]
    Moves  the  cursor  to  the  left,  selects  the 
mode and adjusts some levels. 
 !4  Up button [(UP)]
    Moves  the  cursor  upward  and  selects 
items in the setup menu. 
 !5  Down button [(DOWN), ABF1]
    Moves  the  cursor  downward  and  selects 
items in the setup menu. Refer to page 25 
for further information about [ABF1].
 !6  Setting button [(SET), ABF2/MENU]
    Confirms  the  setting  contents.  Refer  to 
page  27  for  further  information  about 
 !7  Heater output connector 
    The  cable  of  heater  unit  (option)  is  con-
nected to this connector. (+ page 32)
 !8  ABF operation indicator
    Indicates the status of ABF operation.
 !9  Inner dome