Panasonic WV-CW504F User Manual (en)

Waterproof treatment for the cable joint sections
Adequate waterproof treatment is required for the cables when the camera with exposed cables is 
installed by means of the mounting base WV-Q115 or it is installed under the eaves. The camera 
body is waterproof, but the cable ends are not waterproof. 
Be sure to use the supplied butyl tape at the connection parts of the power cord and video output 
cable to apply waterproof treatment in the following procedure. Failure to observe this may cause 
water leakage resulting in malfunction.
<How to wind the supplied butyl tape>
Stretch the tape by approx. twice (see the illustration below) and wind it around the cable. Insuffi-
cient tape stretch causes insufficient waterproofing. 
 •  To install this product outdoors, be sure to waterproof the cables. The camera body is water-
proof (IEC IP66 or equivalent) only when installation specified in this document and appropriate 
waterproofing are properly performed. The bracket is not waterproof. 
 •  The cable shall be wound with butyl tape in a half-overlapping manner.
When using power 
When using video output cable
Dobled length
Stretch the tape to about twice.