Panasonic WV-CW504F User Manual (en)

Optional Heater Unit WV-CW5H (option)
Installing the heater unit enables the camera to operate in a low-temperature environment below 
–30 °C {–22 °F}. The heater turns on automatically when the temperature inside the camera drops 
below +10 °C {50 °F} and turns off when the temperature rises. A small fan inside the unit will mini-
mize  condensation  on  the  surface  of  the  enclosure  caused  by  changes  in  ambient  temperature 
unless temperatures change too rapidly.  
 •  When using 12 V DC power supply, the optional heater unit is unavailable.
 •  Turning the heater on and off may disturb the camera images.
 •  The power supply of the camera shall be turned off when mounting or dismounting the heater.
    When servicing, pay attention to high temperature on the surface of the heater unit. Disconnect 
the harness and wait until the heater unit cools. 
 •  When the camera is installed and operated in low temperatures below –10 °C {14 °F}, normal
images may not be obtained immediately after startup. In such a case, wait approxilately 60 
minutes or more. 
How to install the heater unit
 q  Remove the camera’s enclosure and mount it in the specified position with the supplied screw. 
 w  Connect the heater unit cable to the connector of the camera. 
 •  After mounting the heater unit, arrange the harness cable as shown in the drawing so as not to
be tangled around the enclosure, safety wire, and equipment inside the camera. 
Heater output connector
Screw for heater unit* 
(supplied with heater unit)
* Two screws including a spare screw are 
provided as the standard accessories.