Panasonic WV-CW504F User Manual (en)

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The  operating  instructions  of  the  camera  consist  of  2  sets:  this  book  and  Operating  Instructions 
This book explains how to install the camera. 
Refer  to  the  "Operating  Instructions  (PDF)"  on  the  provided  CD-ROM  for  descriptions  of  how  to 
perform the unit settings. Adobe
 is required to read the PDF file (the Operating Instruc-
tions) on the provided CD-ROM. 
When the Adobe
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the Adobe web site and install it. 
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Intelligent VMD (i-VMD) functions of motion detection and object abandonment/removal 
detection equipped
The motion and abandonment/removal of an object are detectable. 
The states of covering the camera with a cloth, a cap or others and changing the camera direction 
notably can be detected (Scene change detection).
The  detection  resolution  has  been  significantly  improved  as  compared  with  a  conventional  type, 
and  the  introduction  of  the  newly  developed  detection  method  has  improved  detection  accuracy 
under the condition that the motion detection is prone to malfunction due to leaves swaying. 
 •  The  i-VMD  function  is  not  the  dedicated  function  to  prevent  thefts,  fires,  etc.  We  are  not
responsible for any accidents or damages occurring in case. 
Optional heater unit can be connected
When  using  the  optional  heater  unit,  the  product  can  be  used  at  temperatures  within  –30  °C  to 
+50 °C {–22 °F to + 122 °F} and humidity below 90 %.