Panasonic WV-NW960 User Manual (en)

 i-Pro series camera upgrade guide                                                  
Maintenance guide
 Panasonic System Solutions
1. Outline
This manual describes how to upgrade the firmware of the i-Pro series cameras listed below.
Applicable models: WV-NP240 series, WV-NP1000 series,WV-NS202 series, WV-NF284 series, WV-NW484 series,WV-NS950 
series, WV-NW960 series, WV-NF302 series, WV-NP304 series.
The procedure includes "setup data backup", "firmware loading" and "setup data restore".
2. Preparation
The following items are required for the upgrade.
1. PC with specified hardware/software: Refer to the "Operating instructions" for detail.
2. Network connection between the PC and the camera:
Default IP address of the camera:
Note: When there is a communication error between the PC and the camera, try fixed speed 10Mbps or 100Mbps.
3. Firmware of the camera (e.g. "np244_xxxxx.img"), which is in the BIG-WEB site.  
3. Setup data backup 
This procedure is optional as the firmware can be upgraded without initializing the setup data. If you wish to backup the setup 
data, follow the procedure below. Prior to the FTP transfer, open the Setup menu/Network setup/Network tab and then set the FTP 
access to "allow".
(1) Open the command prompt.
(2) Move to the directory where you wish to save the 
setup data by using "cd" command.
(3) Enter "FTP (IP address of the camera)".
(4) Enter the User Name and Password. The default User 
Name is "admin", password is "12345". "230 User 
admin logged in" will be displayed when successful.
(5) Enter "cd C:" to move to the C drive of the camera. 
"250 CWD command successful" will be displayed when successful.
(6) Enter "bin" or "binary" to set FTP binary mode. "200 Type set to I." will be displayed when successful.
(7) Enter "get system.cfg" to download the setup data. The following message will be displayed when successful.
In case of WV-NP1000 series, Enter "get np1000setup.dat" to download the setup data.
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for ' system.cfg' (xxxxx bytes).
226 Transfer complete.
ftp: xxxxx bytes received in x.xxSeconds xxx.xxKbytes/sec.
(8) Check if the " system.cfg" or  "np1000setup.dat" is saved in the specified directory.
(9) Enter "bye" to finish the FTP session and then close the command prompt.