Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Do not damage the power cable. 
Do not damage, fabricate, twist, stretch, bundle, or forci-
bly bend the power cable. Do not place heavy objects. 
Keep away from heat sources. 
Use of the damaged power cable may cause electric 
shock, short circuit, or fire. 
Consult the dealer for repair.
Do not install this product on a place that is greatly 
influenced by wind. 
Installation on a place where the wind speed is 40 m 
{131.23 feet} or more per second may cause a fall of the 
product resulting in injury or accidents. 
Turn the power off when cleaning this product. 
Failure to observe this may cause injury. 
[Precautions for use]
This product has no power switch. 
When turning off the power, disconnect the power supply 
from the 24 V AC power supply or the PoE+ device. When 
using both the 24 V AC power supply and the PoE+ device 
for power supply, disconnect both the connections.
To keep on using with stable performance
Do not use this product in hot and humid conditions for a 
long time. Failure to observe this causes component deg-
radation resulting in life shortening of this product. 
Do not expose this product to direct heat sources such as 
a heater. 
Do not touch the dome cover with your bare hands. 
A dirty dome cover causes deterioration of picture quality. 
Handle this product with care. 
Do not drop this product, nor apply shock or vibration to 
the product. Failure to observe this may cause trouble.
Do not give a strong shock to the dome cover. 
It may cause damage or water exposure.
About the PC monitor
When displaying the same image on the PC monitor for a 
long time, the PC monitor may be damaged.
It is recommended to use a screen-saver. 
When an error is detected, this product will restart 
This product will be inoperable for around 2 minutes after 
the restart just as when the power is turned on. 
Product disposal/transfer
Data saved on this product or a storage device used with 
this product may lead to personal information leakage. 
When it is necessary to dispose or give this product to 
someone, even when for repair, make sure that there is no 
data on this product.
Cleaning this product body
Be sure to turn off the power before cleaning. Failure to 
observe this may cause injury. Do not use strong abrasive 
detergent when cleaning this product. Otherwise, it may cause 
discoloration. When using a chemical cloth for cleaning, read 
the caution provided with the chemical cloth product.
 •  The camera position may be moved inadvertently while
cleaning the camera body. Restart the product or 
refresh the camera position (position refresh) to correct 
the camera position. Refer to the Operating Instructions 
(included in the CD-ROM) for further information. 
Transmission interval
Image transmission interval may become slow depending 
on the network environment, PC performance, shooting 
subject, access number, etc. 
When the following message appears on the screen 
during use
The product may not be connected to a proper power-
supply device. Check whether the power supply device in 
use is compatible with PoE+ (IEEE802.3at compliant). Or 
use 24 V AC power supply. 
appears on the display.
This message indicates that the temperature inside the 
camera has become extremely low. 
In such a case, wait until the heater unit of the camera 
raises the internal temperature (for around 2 hours or more 
in low temperatures below –10 ºC {14 ºF}), and turn on 
the power again. 
About SDHC/SD memory card
 •  Before inserting the SDHC/SD memory card, turn off 
the power of this product first. Otherwise, it may 
cause malfunction or damage data recorded on the 
SDHC/SD memory card. 
Refer to page 15 for descriptions of how to insert/
remove an SDHC/SD memory card. 
 •  When using an unformatted SDHC/SD memory card,
format it using this product. Recorded data on the 
SDHC/SD memory card will be deleted when format-
ted. If an unformatted SDHC/SD memory card or an 
SDHC/SD memory card formatted with other devices 
is used, this product may not work properly or perfor-
mance deterioration may be caused. Refer to the 
Operating Instructions (included in the CD-ROM) for 
how to format a SDHC/SD memory card.