Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Precautions for installation
Panasonic assumes no responsibility for injuries or 
property damage resulting from failures arising out 
of improper installation or operation inconsistent 
with this documentation.
Power supply
This product has no power switch. Use a power supply 
device equipped with the ON-OFF switch for servicing. 
When the power cable of the product is connected to the 
power supply device, the power will be supplied to the 
product. When the product is supplied, the product will 
perform panning, tilting, zooming and focusing. 
Before cleaning the product, make sure that the power 
cable is not connected to the main power supply. 
Installation area for this product
Select an appropriate place for the installation area (such 
as a strong wall or ceiling) in your particular environment. 
Mounting method for this product
 •  This  product  is  designed  to  be  used  as  a  pendant
mount camera. If the product is mounted on a desk-
top or at a slant, it may not work correctly or its life-
time may be shorten. 
 •  Mount the product horizontally so that the dome sec-
tion faces downward.
Ceiling pendant type mount bracket/Wall mount 
 •  When pendant-mounting on a ceiling on a bracket 
that is locally procured, use the attachment pipe.
 •  When  installing  on  a  wall,  use  Wall  Mount  Bracket
WV-Q122 (option). When this product and camera 
mount bracket are mounted on a ceiling or a wall, use 
the screws described in the following table. The 
screws that secure the product are not supplied. 
Prepare them according to the material and strength 
of the area where the product is to be installed. 
<Installing conditions>
Approx. 4.6 k
g {10.15 lbs}
Appropriate mount bracket
Model No.
WV-Q122 (E model only)
Approx. 2 k
g {4.42 lbs}
Mount type
On wall
Part to be mounted on a ceiling/wall
Recommended screw M8
Number of screw
Pull-out capacity of a 
single screw
823 N {84 lbf}
 •  Ensure that the mounting surface, anchor and screws
are sufficiently strong. 
 •  Do  not  mount  the  product  on  a  plaster  board  or  a
wooden section because they are too weak. If the 
product is unavoidably mounted on such a section, 
the section shall be sufficiently reinforced. 
Do not place this product in the following places:
 •  Locations where a chemical agent is used such as a
swimming pool
 •  Locations  subject  to  humidity,  dust,  steam  and  oil
 •  Locations where a radiation, an X-ray, a strong radio
wave or a strong magnetic field is generated
 •  Locations where corrosive gas is produced, locations
where it may be damaged by briny air such as sea-
 •  Locations  where  the  temperature  is  not  within  the
specified range (☞ page 36).
 •  Locations  subject  to  vibrations  (This  product  is  not
designed for on-vehicle use.)
 •  Locations  subject  to  condensation  as  the  result  of
severe changes in temperature (In case of installing 
the product in such locations, the dome cover may 
become foggy or condensation may be caused on 
the cover.) 
Screw tightening
 •  The  screws  and  bolts  must  be  tightened  with  an
appropriate tightening torque according to the materi-
al and strength of the installation area. 
 •  Do not use an impact driver. Use of an impact driver
may damage the screws or cause tightening exces-
 •  When a screw is tightened, make the screw at a right
angle to the surface. After tightening the screws or 
bolts, perform visual check to ensure tightening is 
enough and there is no backlash. 
Remove the cover film from the dome section of the 
dome cover after the installation is complete. 
Be sure to remove this product if it is not in use. 
When noise disturbance may happen
Conduct the power distribution work to keep a distance of 
1 m {3.28 feet} or more from the 120 V (for U.S. and 
Canada) or 220 V - 240 V (for Europe and other countries) 
power line. Or conduct the electric conduit work sepa-