Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Radio disturbance
When this product is used near TV/radio antenna, strong 
electric field or magnetic field (near a motor, a transformer 
or a power line), images may be distorted and noise 
sound may be produced. 
Take notice of humidity. 
Install this product when the humidity is low. If this product 
is installed during rainfall or at a high humidity, the inside 
may be exposed to moisture and the dome cover may 
become foggy. 
Heater unit
This product is equipped with an internal heater unit for 
use in cold climates. When connected with a PoE+ hub/
device, the product can operate in an environment below 
–30 °C {–22 °F}. When connected with the 24 V AC 
power supply, the product can operate in an environment 
below –50 °C {–58 °F}* 
 / –40 °C {–40 °F} 
. The heater unit turns on automatically when 
the temperature inside the product drops below +10 °C 
{50 °F}. However, in an extremely low-temperature envi-
ronment below –30 °C {–22 °F}, snow and frost may not 
be defrosted from the dome cover. When using the prod-
uct in cold climates, take notice of the ambient and inter-
nal temperatures of the product. 
When this product is installed and operated in low tem-
peratures below –10 °C {14 °F}, normal images may not 
be obtained immediately after startup. In such a case, wait 
around 2 hours or more, and turn on the power again.
* When using this product at temperatures of –40 °C  
{–40 °F} or below, use the power supply between 24 V 
AC and 27 V AC.
Influence on images and their quality
This product has no wiper unit. Under the following condi-
tions, image quality may deteriorate or images may not be 
viewed properly. 
 (1)  Influence by rainfall
Due to the wind that accompanies rainfall, raindrops 
may fall on the dome cover. That may make images 
less viewable. 
 (2)  Influence by snowfall
Due to the wind that accompanies snowfall, snow 
may fall on the dome cover. That may partially make 
surveillance images inviewable. (The extent of inview-
ability may vary depending on the amount of snowfall 
and the quality of snow.)
 (3)  Influence by dust in the air or gas emission from vehi-
Depending on the installation environment, dome 
cover may be dirty due to dust in the air or gas emis-
sion from vehicles. That may degrade the quality of 
Check before connection
Compatibility of devices are restricted. Before connec-
tions, check the ratings and dimensions of the devices to 
be used. 
Contact your dealer for details. 
When connecting this product to the Internet, use a 
broadband router with the port forwarding function (NAT, 
IP masquerade).
Refer to the Operating Instructions (included in the CD-ROM) 
for further information about the port forwarding function.
Procure fixing screws separately. 
The screws that secure this product are not supplied. 
Prepare them according to the material and strength of 
the area where the product is to be installed. 
PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus)
Use a PoE+ hub/device that is compliant with IEEE802.3at 
It is impossible to supply the power to this product from a 
PoE hub that is compliant with IEEE802.3af standard.
Time & date setting
It is necessary to set the time & date before putting this 
product into operation. Refer to the Operating Instructions 
on the provided CD-ROM for descriptions of how to per-
form the settings.