Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Major operating controls
<Rear view of the main body with the main sunshield rear cover detached>
External I/O cable
Microphone input cable (connector: white)
Audio output cable (connector: black)
Network cable
Output cable for the monitor used for adjustment
Safety wire
Attachment pipe
Housing base (inside)
Rear sunshield (accessory)
Front sunshield (accessory)
Main sunshield
(Attached at the time of shipment from the factory)
Dome cover
* Do not detach.
Main sunshield rear cover
(Attached at the time of shipment from the factory)
Power cable
To the power supply (24 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz)
Green/Yellow – GND
Water-resistant cap
Main nameplate
SDHC/SD memory card slot
Live indicator
Access indicator
Link indicator
Initial set switch  
(Right: ON, Left: OFF)
<Main body>