Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

How to detach the housing base
Step 1
Remove the fixing screws (3 pcs.*) that are securing the 
housing base and the camera. 
The removed screws will be required when attaching the 
housing base to the camera again. Use caution not to lose 
these screws. 
*  Special screw (Fixing screw): These screws are hexagon 
screws. Use an M5 hexagon wrench. 
Housing base
Fixing screws (3 pcs.)
 •  If  the  front  and  rear  sunshields  (accessory)  are
attached to the camera, detach them by performing 
steps 5 - 7 of "Installation" in the reverse order. 
(☞ Page 21)
Step 2
To separate the camera from the housing base, turn the 
camera to the direction of the arrow as illustrated. 
Step 3
Remove the attachment pipe from the upper base by 
loosening 4 screws. 
Housing base
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