Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Before starting installation/connection, make sure that the power cable is not connected to the main power supply.
Refer to the "Precautions for installation" section before starting installation/connection. (☞ Page 12)
Step 1
Install the mounting bracket.
When using the wall mount bracket WV-Q122 
Refer to the installation guide of the bracket (WV-Q122) for 
details on the installation procedure. 
Take care of the direction to install the mount bracket so 
that the camera can be mounted at the front of the 
When using the mount bracket (locally procured).
The figure shows an example of the camera mounted on 
a ceiling with a locally procured bracket.
Refer to the instructions included with the bracket for fill-
ing gaps and holes with waterproof material.
Procure a ceiling mount bracket.
Mounting the Bracket
 q  Fix the bracket to the installation surface using appro-
priate bolts, nuts or the like (not supplied).
 w  Fix the attachment pipe to the bracket.
 e  Fill the gap between the bracket and attachment pipe 
with waterproof material such as silicon clay.
Step 2
Connect the cables to the camera. 
Refer to page 22 for how to connect the cables. 
Step 3
Insert the SDHC/SD memory card into the SDHC/SD 
memory card slot. 
Refer to page 15 for how to insert the SDHC/SD memory 
(60 mm {2-3/8 inches})
25 mm {1 inches}
85 mm {3-11/32 inches}
RP 1-1/2, 11 crest,
deep 30 MAX
(parallel pipe thread)
R 1-1/2, 11crest, deep 30 MAX
(taper pipe thread)
Attachment pipe
Housing base
Waterproof material