Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Step 4
Mount the camera on the bracket.
 q  Attach the housing base to the mount bracket using 
the  hexagon screws (M5) attached to the housing 
base* provided with the mount bracket. 
(Recommended tightening torque: 2.45 N·m 
{1.81 lbf·ft})
The "REAR" mark of the housing base shall be direct-
ed to the wire hook section. 
*  Special  screw: These screws are hexagon screws. 
Use an M5 hexagon wrench. 
 w  Make sure that the projection of the plate spring on 
the upper side of the camera is located on the 
"START" position. If not, turn the plate clockwise to 
locate the projection at the "START" position. 
 e  Connect the safety wire (accessory) to the mount bracket.
Refer to the operating instructions of the mount 
bracket for further information about where to con-
nect the safety wire. 
Even when not using the optional mounting bracket 
(WV-Q122), connect the safety wire near to the cam-
era as shown in the example below.
Wire hook 
Housing base
Hexagon screws (M5, 4 pcs.) 
attached to the housing base
Plate spring
<Installation example>
Safety wire
 r  Attach the camera to the housing base. When attach-
ing the camera to the housing base, the positioning 
pin shall be on the "REAR" side. Make sure that the 
camera is securely attached to the mount bracket by 
turning the camera to the direction of the arrow as 
illustrated. Then, secure the camera to the mount 
bracket with the screws removed when detaching the 
housing base. 
(Recommended tightening torque: 2.45 N·m 
{1.81 lbf·ft})
  *  Special screw (Fixing screw): These screws are hexa-
gon screws. Use an M5 hexagon wrench. 
Positioning pin
Overhead view
When the camera is secured 
to the mount bracket
When the camera is 
Positioning pin
Fixing screws 
(3 pcs.)
Housing base