Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Step 5
Attach the front and rear sunshields (accessory) to the 
 q  Put the fingers on the dents of the front and rear sun-
shields to detach the hooks. The sunshields will be 
divided into two parts. 
For loss prevention, one side of the front and rear 
sunshields are linked together with a wire. 
 w  Locate the front and rear sunshields to the position 
that covers the housing base. 
 e  Joint both sides of front and rear sunshields. 
Joint the hook and dent on the linked side, and then 
joint the other side. 
Front and rear sunshields
Safety wire
Main sunshield
 •  Joint  both  sides  of  the  front  and  rear  sunshields
before fitting in the main sunshield. 
 •  Do not trap the safety wire inside.
 •  The safety wire is designed to support only the weight
of the camera when the camera falls. 
Do not put an excessive weight that the safety wire 
cannot support. 
Step 6
Fit the front and rear sunshields in the main sunshield. 
Align "h" of the rear sunshield to "g START" of the main 
sunshield. Then, turn the front and rear sunshields toward 
"g LOCK" until a click is heard. 
Front and rear sunshields
Main sunshield
Align "
h" to this "g".
Step 7
Fix the front and rear sunshields on the camera using the 
front/rear sunshield fixing screw (accessory).
(Recommended tightening torque: 0.72 N·m {0.53 lbf·ft})
Front/rear sunshields fixing screw
 •  When the power of the camera is turned on, the cam-
era will start panning and the position will automati-
cally be initialized. 
 •  When removing the front and rear sunshields, perform
steps 5 - 7 in the reverse order.
Detach the hooks.
Housing base
Front and rear sunshields