Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

Using the CD-ROM
About the CD launcher
Insert the provided CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your PC to display the CD launcher window.
 •  If the launcher window is not displayed, double click the "CDLauncher.exe" file on the CD-ROM.
 •  The License Agreement will be displayed. Read the Agreement and choose "I accept the term in the license agree-
ment", and click [OK].
Using the supplied CD-ROM, the following actions can be performed.
 q  The Panasonic IP setting software can be installed on the PC.
→ Refer to "Installing Panasonic IP setting software". (☞ Page 29)
Settings related to the camera's network can be set from the Panasonic IP setting software.
→ Refer to "Configure the network settings". (☞ Page 31)
The manuals can be installed on the PC.
→ Refer to "Installing the manuals". (☞ Page 29)
You can also view the manuals without installing them to the PC by clicking the [Open] button.
The Viewer software can be installed on the PC.
→ Refer to "Installing the Viewer software". (☞ Page 30)
Make sure to read the readme file on the provided CD-ROM before using the software.