Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

 Complete each network setup item and click the [Save] button.
 •  When selecting "DHCP" or "AutoIP", it is possible to set "DNS" to "Auto".
 •  By unchecking the "Wait for camera restarting." checkbox, multiple camer-
as can be continuously configured.
 •  It may take for around 2 minutes to complete to upload the settings to the camera after clicking the [Save] button. The
settings may be invalidated when the LAN cable is disconnected before completing the upload. In this case, perform
the settings again.
 •  When using a firewall (including software), allow access to all UDP ports.
About the default user name and password
Click the [Setup] button on the "Live" page, the user authentication window will be displayed. Enter the default user name
and password as follows, and log in.
User name: admin
Password: 12345
 •  To enhance the security, change the password for the user name "admin". It is recommended to change this password
 •  To enhance the security of the "Live" page, it is possible to set authentication for the "Live" page by selecting "On" for
"User auth.". Refer to the Operating Instructions (included in the CD-ROM) for further information.