Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

About the live indicator
The live indicator will light or blink as follows depending on the camera status. 
Operation status
Indicator status
When the power is turned on
Before the network 
connection is established
Blinks orange
When the network 
connection is established
Blinks orange 
→ Blinks green → Lights green
During the standby or connection (Cable is not connected.)
Lights orange
During the standby or connection (Cable is connected.)
Lights green
During the upgrade process
Blinks orange
During the initialization
Blinks orange 
→ Lights off
Port forwarding error caused by the UPnP function
Blinks orange (in 2 seconds intervals (on for 1 second / 
off for 1 second))
Trouble happening on the camera
Blinks red
Failure in writing data on the SDHC/SD memory card
Lights red