Panasonic WV-SW396 User Manual (en)

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Network security
As you will use this unit connected to a network, your attention is called to the following security risks. 
 q  Leakage or theft of information through this unit
 w  Use of this unit for illegal operations by persons with malicious intent
 e  Interference with or stoppage of this unit by persons with malicious intent
It is your responsibility to take precautions such as those described below to protect yourself against the above network 
security risks. 
 •  Use this unit in a network secured by a firewall, etc.
 •  If this unit is connected to a network that includes PCs, make sure that the system is not infected by computer viruses
or other malicious entities (using a regularly updated anti-virus program, anti-spyware program, etc.).
 •  Protect  your  network  against  unauthorized  access  by  restricting  users  to  those  who  log  in  with  an  authorized  user
name and password. 
 •  Apply measures such as user authentication to protect your network against leakage or theft of information, including
image data, authentication information (user names and passwords), alarm mail information, FTP server information 
and DDNS server information.
 •  After the unit is accessed by the administrator, make sure to close the browser.
 •  Change the administrator password periodically.
 •  Do not install the camera in locations where the camera or the cables can be destroyed or damaged by persons with
malicious intent.