Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Transferring files to your Windows OS computer
Connect the camera to your computer as a removable disk.
Your computer must be running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or 
Windows 8 for you to connect the camera as a removable disk.
Rotate the mode dial to n.
Select Connectivity “ i-Launcher “ Off.
Turn off the camera.
Connect the camera to your computer with the USB cable.
You must plug the small end of the USB cable into your camera. If the cable is 
reversed, it may damage your files. The manufacturer is not responsible for any 
loss of data.
Turn on the camera.
•  The computer recognizes the camera automatically.
On your computer, select My Computer “ Removable Disk “ 
Drag or save files to your computer.
Transferring files to the computer
Connect the camera to a computer to transfer files from the camera's memory card to the computer.