Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Connecting to a WLAN and configuring network settings
Wireless network
Network connection tips
•  The quality of the network connection will be determined by the AP.
•  The further the distance between your camera and the AP, the longer it will take 
to connect to the network.
•  If a nearby device is using the same radio frequency signal as your camera, it may 
interrupt your connection.
•  If your AP name is not in English, the camera may not be able to locate the device 
or the name may appear incorrectly.
•  For network settings or a password, contact your network administrator or 
network service provider.
•  If a WLAN requires authentication from the service provider, you may not be able 
to connect to it. To connect the WLAN, contact your network service provider.
•  Depending on the encryption type, the number of digits in the password may 
•  A WLAN connection may not be possible in all surroundings.
•  The camera may display a WLAN enabled printer on the AP List. You cannot 
connect to a network via a printer.
•  You cannot connect your camera to a network and a TV simultaneously.
•  Connecting to a network may incur additional charges. Costs will vary based on 
the conditions of your contract.
•  If you cannot connect to a WLAN, try another AP from the available AP list.
•  A login page may appear when you select free WLANs provided by some 
network service providers. Enter your ID and password to connect to the WLAN. 
For information about registering or the service, contact the network service 
•  Be cautious when you enter personal information for an AP connection. Do not 
enter any payment or credit card information on your camera. The manufacturer 
is not liable for any problem caused by entering such information.
•  Available network connections may differ by country.
•  The WLAN feature of your camera must comply with radio transmission laws in 
your region. To ensure compliance, use the WLAN feature only in the country 
where you purchased the camera.
•  The process for adjusting network settings may differ, depending on network 
•  Do not access a network that you are not authorized to use.
•  Before you connect to a network, ensure your battery is fully charged.
•  You cannot upload or send files captured in some modes.
•  Files that you transfer to another device may not be supported by the device. In 
this case, use a computer to playback the files.