Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Wireless network
Accessing a website
Rotate the mode dial to w.
Select a website.
•  If the pop-up message that prompts you to create an account appears, select 
•  The camera will automatically attempt to connect to a WLAN via the most 
recently connected AP device. 
•  If the camera has not previously been connected to a WLAN, it will search for 
available AP devices. (p. 111)
Enter your ID and password to log in.
•  For information about entering text, refer to "Entering text". (p. 114)
•  If you connected to SkyDrive, refer to "Using the login browser". (p. 112)
•  To select an ID from the list, select   “ an ID.
•  If you have previously logged in to the website, you may be logged in 
You must have an existing account on the file sharing website to use this feature.
Uploading photos or videos
Access the website with your camera.
Select files to upload.
•  You can select up to 20 files. The total size must be 10 MB or less.  
(On some websites, the total size or number of files may vary.)
Select Upload.
•  On some websites, you can enter your comments by selecting the comment 
box. For information about entering text, refer to "Entering text". (p. 114)
Using photo or video sharing websites
Upload your photos or videos to file sharing websites. Available websites will be displayed on your camera. To upload files to some websites, you must visit the website and 
register before connecting your camera.