Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Using AllShare Play to send files
Wireless network
Viewing photos or videos on devices that support AllShare 
Rotate the mode dial to w.
 “ Nearby devices.
•  If the guide message appears, select OK.
•  The camera will automatically attempt to connect to a WLAN via the most 
recently connected AP device. 
•  If the camera has not previously been connected to a WLAN, it will search for 
available AP devices. (p. 111)
•  You can set to allow only selected devices or all devices to connect by 
pressing [m], and then selecting DLNA Access Control on the screen.
•  A sharing file list is created. Wait until other devices can find your camera.
Connect the AllShare Play device to a network, and then turn on the 
AllShare Play feature.
•  Refer to your device's user manual for more information.
On the camera, allow the AllShare Play device to connect to your 
On the AllShare Play device, select a camera to connect.
On the AllShare Play device, browse the shared photos or videos.
•  For information about searching for the camera and browsing the photos or 
videos on the AllShare Play device, refer to the device's user manual.
•  Videos may not play smoothly depending on the type of AllShare Play device 
or the network condition. If this happens, re-record the video in 640 X 480 
or smaller quality and play it again. If videos do not play smoothly on your 
device over the wireless connection, try connecting the camera to the device 
with an A/V cable.
▲ A camera is connected to a TV that supports AllShare Play via WLAN.