Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Wireless network
Sending photos using Wi-Fi Direct
When the camera connects via a WLAN to a device that supports the Wi-Fi Direct function, you can send photos to the device. This feature may not be supported on some 
On the device, allow the camera to connect to the device.
•  The photo will be sent to the device.
You can send up to 20 files at a time.
When there are no photos in the camera memory, you cannot use this feature.
If you cannot connect to a Wi-Fi Direct device, update the device with the latest 
firmware. This feature may not be supported on some devices.
On the device, turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option.
On the camera, in Playback mode, scroll to a photo.
Press [m], and then select Share(Wi-Fi) “ Wi-Fi Direct.
•  When in the single image view, you can send only one photo at a time.
•  When in thumbnails view, you can select multiple photos. Select Send when 
you are finished selecting photos.
Select the device from the camera’s list of Wi-Fi Direct devices.
•  Ensure that the device's Wi-Fi Direct option is turned on.
•  You can also select your camera from the device's list of Wi-Fi Direct devices.