Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Camera maintenance
•  If you reconnect the power cable when the battery is fully charged, the status 
lamp turns on for approximately 30 minutes.
•  Using the flash or recording videos depletes the battery quickly. Charge the 
battery until the red status lamp turns off.
•  If the status lamp blinks in red, reconnect the cable, or remove the battery and 
insert it again.
•  If you charge the battery when the cable is overheated or the temperature is too 
high, the status lamp may blink in red. Charging will start when the battery cools 
•  Overcharging batteries may shorten battery life. After charging is finished, 
disconnect the cable from your camera.
•  Do not bend or place heavy objects on the AC cable. Doing so may damage the 
Notes about charging with a computer connected
•  Use only the provided USB cable.
•  The battery may not charge when:
- you use a USB hub
- other USB devices are connected to your computer
- you connect the cable to the port on the front side of your computer
- the USB port of your computer does not support the power output standard (5 
V, 500 mA)
  Handle and dispose of batteries and chargers with care
•  Never dispose of batteries in a fire. Follow all local regulations when you dispose 
of used batteries.
•  Never place batteries or cameras on or in heating devices, such as microwave 
ovens, stoves, or radiators. Batteries may explode when they are overheated.