Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Before contacting a service center
If you are having trouble with your camera, try these troubleshooting procedures before you contact a service center. If you have attempted the suggested remedy and are still 
having problems with your device, contact your local dealer or service center.
When you leave your camera at a service center, be sure to also leave the other components that may have contributed to the malfunction, such as the memory card and battery.
Suggested remedies
Cannot capture photos
•  There is no space on the memory card. Delete 
unnecessary files or insert a new card.
•  Format the memory card. 
•  The memory card is defective. Get a new 
memory card.
•  Make sure that the camera is switched on.
•  Charge the battery.
•  Make sure that the battery is inserted correctly.
The camera freezes
Remove the battery and insert it again.
The camera heats up
While you use the camera, it may heat up. This 
is normal and should not affect your camera’s 
lifespan or performance.
The flash does not work
•  The flash option may be set to Off. (p. 66)
•  You cannot use the flash in some modes.
The flash fires unexpectedly
The flash may fire due to static electricity. The 
camera is not malfunctioning. 
Suggested remedies
Cannot turn on the camera
•  Ensure that the battery is inserted.
•  Ensure that the battery is inserted correctly.  
(p. 23)
•  Charge the battery.
The power turns off suddenly
•  Charge the battery.
•  Your camera may be in Auto Power Off mode.  
(p. 135)
•  The camera may turn off to prevent the 
memory card from being damaged due to an 
impact. Turn on your camera again.
The camera is losing battery 
power quickly
•  The battery may lose power more quickly in 
low temperatures (below 0 °C/32 °F). Keep the 
battery warm by putting it into your pocket.
•  Using the flash or recording videos depletes the 
battery quickly. Recharge if needed.
•  Batteries are consumable parts that must be 
replaced over time. Get a new battery if the 
battery life is diminishing quickly.