Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

EV Compensation
All the combinations of the camera’s shutter speed and lens aperture that result in 
the same exposure.
EV (Exposure Value)
This feature allows you to quickly adjust the exposure value measured by the 
camera, in limited increments, to improve the exposure of your photos. Set the EV 
compensation to -1.0 EV to adjust the value one step darker and 1.0 EV to one step 
Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format)
A specification to define an image file format for digital cameras created by the 
Japan Electronic Industries Development Association (JEIDA).
The amount of light allowed to reach the camera’s sensor. Exposure is controlled by 
a combination of the shutter speed, the aperture value, and ISO sensitivity.
A speed light that helps to create adequate exposure in low-light conditions.
Focal length
The distance from the middle of the lens to its focal point (in millimeters). Longer 
focal lengths result in narrower angles of view and the subject is magnified. Shorter 
focal lengths result in wider angles of view.
A graphical representation of the brightness of an image. The horizontal axis 
represents the brightness and the vertical axis represents the number of pixels. High 
points at the left (too dark) and right (too bright) on the histogram indicate a photo 
that is improperly exposed.
A high-compression video format established by international standard 
organizations ISO-IEC and ITU-T and developed by the Joint Video Team (JVT). This 
codec is capable of providing good video quality at low bit rates.