Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Capturing photos
Basic functions
Intelli zoom
If the zoom indicator is in the Intelli range, your camera is using the Intelli zoom. 
Photo resolution varies according to the zoom rate if you use the Intelli zoom. By 
using both the Optical zoom and Intelli zoom, you can zoom in up to 36 times.
Zoom indicator
Optical range
Intelli range
Photo resolution 
when the Intelli 
zoom is on
The Intelli zoom helps you capture a photo with less quality deterioration than 
the Digital zoom. However, the photo quality may be lower than when you use 
the Optical zoom.
The Intelli zoom is available only when you set a 4:3 resolution ratio. If you set 
another resolution ratio with Intelli zoom on, the Intelli zoom will be turned off 
The Intelli zoom is always on in Smart Auto mode.
    T p A h M
Setting Intelli zoom
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select Intelli Zoom.
Select an option.
Off: The Intelli zoom is deactivated.
On: The Intelli zoom is activated.