Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Capturing photos
Basic functions
Reducing camera shake (OIS)
Reduce camera shake optically in Shooting mode.
S  Before correction
S  After correction
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select OIS.
Select an option.
Off: OIS is deactivated.
On: OIS is activated.
    p A h M
OIS may not function properly when:
you move your camera to follow a moving subject
you use the Digital zoom
there is too much camera shake
the shutter speed is slow (for example, when you capture night scenes)
the battery is low
you capture a close-up shot
If you use the OIS function with a tripod, your images may be blurred by the 
vibration of the OIS sensor. Deactivate the OIS function when you use a tripod.
If the camera is hit or dropped, the display will be blurry. If this occurs, turn off 
the camera, and then turn it on again.