Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Using the Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual mode
Extended functions
Using the Shutter Priority mode
The Shutter Priority mode allows you to set the shutter speed manually while the 
camera automatically selects an appropriate aperture value.
Rotate the mode dial to G.
•  To select another mode when the mode dial is set to G, press [b] or 
touch  , and then select a mode.
Press [o] “ [F/t] to adjust the shutter speed.
•  You can also touch the shutter speed on the screen to view the dial.
•  You can also drag the dial on the screen to the left or right.
•  See page 45 for more information about the shutter speed.
OK: Change shutter speed
Press [o] to save the setting.
Set options. 
•  For a list of options, refer to "Shooting options". (p. 62)
Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press [Shutter] to 
Press [Shutter] to capture the photo.
When you set the ISO option to Auto, the aperture value may not change 
automatically to match the shutter speed. In this case, the camera finds an 
appropriate exposure value by changing the ISO option automatically when you 
capture a photo. To set the ISO option manually, press [m], and then select ISO 
“ an option.