Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Using the Smart mode
Extended functions
With [Shutter] pressed, slowly move the camera in the direction that 
will let it capture the rest of the panorama.
•  Arrows toward the direction of motion are displayed, and the entire shooting 
image is displayed in the preview box.
•  When the scenes are aligned, the camera captures the next photo 
When you are finished, release [Shutter].
•  When you have captured all the necessary shots, the camera combines them 
into one panoramic photo.
Using the Panorama mode
In Panorama mode, you can capture a wide panoramic scene in a single photo. 
Capture and combine a series of photos to create a panoramic image.
S Shooting example
Rotate the mode dial to s.
Select Panorama.
Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press [Shutter] to 
•  Align the camera with the far left or the far right, or very top or bottom, of the 
scene you want to capture.
Press and hold [Shutter] to start shooting.