Samsung PRO4831 User Manual (en)

Extended functions
Using the My Magic Frame mode
In My Magic Frame mode, you can make part of the photo transparent, and then 
capture a new photo within the transparent area.
Rotate the mode dial to g.
•  To select another mode when the mode dial is set to g, press [b] or touch 
, and then select a mode.
Half-press [Shutter] to focus, and then press [Shutter] to capture a 
background photo.
•  To select a background photo from your saved photos, press [m] and 
then select Open Image “ an image. You cannot select a video file, GIF file, 
or a photo captured in Panorama mode. 
Touch Use.
•  To recapture a background photo, touch Retake.
Select a frame.
•  To draw a new frame and set the thickness of the pen, touch  .
Drag the corner of the box to adjust the size.
Using the Magic Plus mode
In the Magic Plus mode, you can capture a photo with various effects.